Collective Robotic Construction

Termite-Inspired Robots for Collective Construction

Collective construction is a a key research area for our lab, both because of a high societal need and because it showcases how collective embodied intelligence fits within the broader scheme of artificial intelligence in robotics. Inspired by distributed construction in termites, honey bees, and ants, we design robot collectives for both blueprint-specific and functionally driven construction. In these systems, intelligent behavior may stem from centralized controllers; compilers that run prior to construction; locally-checkable rulesets that govern behavior during construction; morphological intelligence and reflex-like behaviors; co-design between robots, material, and how the structure evolves; and from both explicit communication between robots and implicit environmental coupling. We are further looking at how errors propagate in these stigmergy-governed systems, dependent on the dynamics of the environment.

Watch old movies out of the SSR lab here.


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