Bio-Inspired Design and Coordination of Multi-Agent Systems

Please consider joining us in Fall 2023 for a grad-level course on Bio-Inspired Coordination of Multi-Agent Systems. The lectures are Tuesday/Thursday 8:40-9:55am; the lab hours are Tuesday 2.30-4.25pm, but in-person lab attendance is not required. The course will involve paper reading and discussions, as well as independent research projects on the topics of distributed control, robot collectives, and social insects.

Students from all fields, including but not limited to engineering, business, architecture, and biology, are encouraged to join. This is a highly interdisciplinary class, and we have very few pre-requisites. Most of the discussion topics will be rooted in robotics, algorithms, and social insects. Students are challenged to form unorthodox teams and conduct projects outside of their comfort zone (within the field of multi-agent systems).

The syllabus is available on the course roster.