IEEE Senior Member

08/07/2024: Associate Professor Kirstin Petersen is elevated to IEEE senior member, an honor bestowed only to those who have made significant contributions to the profession.

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers - Wikipedia

DARS 2024

02/07/2024: Big congrats to graduate student Jiahe Chen for getting his paper on “2D Construction Planning for Swarms of Simple Earthmover Robots” accepted to the 17th Intl. Symposium for Distributed Autonomous Robotic Systems, which will take place at Cornell Tech Oct 28-30th 2024.

IROS 2024

01/07/2024: Big congratulations to Aaron Wilhelm, Andrew Wilhelm, Lydia Isabela Calderon-Aceituno (all co-first authors) for getting their paper on “Frozen Assets: Leveraging Ice, Water, and Phase Transitions in Robots” accepted to IROS 2024. This was the result of a 4 week boot camp to promote collaboration between the robotics labs in ECE Cornell!

Ice robot demo, from IROS 2024


20/6/2024: Huge congratulations to CEI-lab (soon-to-be) alumn Dr. Alexandra Nilles who will be starting as an assistant professor in CS at Western Washington University this Fall (2024). Super excited to see her future work on Minimalist, Robust Robots for the Planet!

Compositional Robotics: Mathematics and Tools (ICRA 2021 Workshop) – Institute for Dynamic Systems and Control | ETH Zurich


20/6/24: Huge congratulations to CEI-lab alumn Dr. Steven Ceron who will be starting as a tenure track professor next year in the Robotics Department at University of Michigan! His new lab website is already live — .

Steven Ceron - About

CRV 2024

30/5/2024: Join us at Guelph University for the 21st Conference on Robots and Vision on May 30th where Prof. Kirstin Petersen is giving a keynote on Robot Superorganisms!

Q exam

23/5/2024: Big congrats to Lydia Calderón Aceituno who just passed the Q-exam in the Mechanical Engineering Department!

ICRA 2024

13-17/5/2024: Catch up with us at ICRA 2024, where Jonathan Jaramillo will be presenting on Inexpensive, Automated Pruning Weight Estimation in Vineyards, Sadie Cutler will be presenting on Leveraging Tethers for Distributed Formation Control of Simple Robots, both Wednesday 15th, and Prof. Kirstin Petersen will be giving a remote invited talk at the Workshop on Cognition Across Species Friday May 17th.

Example of pruning estimate in vineyards.

Outstanding TA Award

03/05/2024: Another huge congratulations to Jonathan Jaramillo for being recognized with the Cornell ECE Outstanding TA Award for 2023-24 academic year from the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Jonathan received this award in recognition of his excellent performance in TAing the 4/5000-level class on Fast Robots, and for teaching it in 2024. 

Graduate Student of the Year

03/05/2024: Big congratulations to Jonathan Jaramillo for being recognized with the Cornell University Diversity in Engineering’s Graduate Student of the Year award! He received this award in recognition of his excellent scholarship and his outstanding contribution to the environment at Cornell. Jonathan successfully defended his PhD thesis in December 2024, and is slated to receive his doctorate this Summer.