Teaching Award

23/09/2022: Kirstin Petersen receives the Douglas Whitney ‘61 Excellence in Teaching Award from the Cornell College of Engineering, for her design and implementation of the Fast Robots course.

DARS 2022

120922: Big congratulations to Danna Ma, Jiahe Chen, and Sadie Cutler for getting their work on “Smarticle 2.0: Design of Scalable, Entangled Smart Matter”, and Jack Defay and Alexandra Nilles for getting their work on “Collective Behaviors of Braitenberg Vehicles” accepted to the Intl. Symposium for Distributed Autonomous Robotic Systems (DARS)!

Chen passes A-exam

18/07/2022:  Big congratulations to Jiahe Chen for passing his A-exam today!

Scientific Reports

05/05/2022: Big congratulations to graduate student Phoebe Koenig for getting her paper on “Best Practices for Instrumenting Honey Bees” accepted to Scientific Reports!

IROS 2022

30/06/22: Big congrats to graduate student Jiahe Chen for getting his paper on “Decay-Based Error Correction in Collective Robotic Construction” accepted to the IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS)!

Congrats Drs. Abdel-Raziq and Wilson-Small!

27/06/22: Big congratulations to Dr. Haron Abdel-Raziq who successfully defended his thesis in Electrical and Computer Engineering on the topic of “Sensing and Monitoring Pollinators: From Agent-Based Modeling to Live Sensing” and Dr. Nialah Wilson-Small who successfully defended her thesis in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering on the topic of “Embodied Physical Interactions for Robot-to-Robot and Robot-to-Human Coordination“ today. Dr. Abdel-Raziq has accepted a position as a data scientist with Shell and Dr. Wilson-Small is starting as a contact-professor at NYU Tandon in the Fall!

Congratulations to Dr Ceron

08/06/22: Big congratulations to Dr. Steven Ceron who successfully defended his PhD thesis in Mechanical Engineering today, on the topic of “Enabling Local-to-Global Behaviors in Collectives Across Length Scales“. Dr. Ceron is the first student out of the CEI-lab to earn his PhD and will be moving on to do a Postdoc with Prof. Rus at MIT in the Fall!

Find us @ICRA2022

23/5/22: The CEI-lab is present all during ICRA, please find us near the coffee, by the pool, or join us for any of the following events:

Monday May 23rd:

Tuesday May 24th:

  • Kirstin Petersen is chairing the session on Robotics and Automation in Agriculture and Forestry (15:30-16:50)
  • Haron Abdel-Raziq is presenting his paper on “Mapping Unknown Environments With Instrumented Honey Bees” (TuB04.12, 16:35-16:40) and his poster at Session 2 16:50-18:00
  • Robby Huang is presenting his paper on “Construction and Excavation by Collaborative Double-Tailed SAW Robots” (TuB14.03 15:40-15:45) and Kathleen Wang and Robby will be presenting their poster at Session 2 16:50-18:00

Friday May 27th:


Ma passes A-exam

20/05/2022:  Big congratulations to Danna Ma for passing her A-exam today!

Jaramillo passes A-exam

06/05/22: Big congratulations to Jonathan Jaramillo for passing his A-exam today!