CIDA Seminar

27/01/20: Please join us for the CIDA Seminar series today 12-1pm in Gates 121

Kirstin will present:

“The Lower Hanging Fruit: A new approach to field robotics in precision agriculture”


22/01/20: Big congratulations to Danna Ma, Steven Ceron, and Gregory Kaiser for getting their article on “Simple Low-Cost Fabrication of Soft Sensors for Feature Reconstruction” accepted to the Intl. Conference on Soft Robotics this year!

Cornell Entomology Symposium

14/01/20: Kirstin Petersen will open the 9th annual Cornell Entomology Symposium with a Keynote on Robot Super-Organisms – hope to see you there!

Cornell China Center

18/11/19: If you happen to be in Beijing, please join us for the Inaugural Event of the Cornell China Center. Kirstin Petersen will participate in a panel on Digital Agriculture!

Cornell Chronicle Article.

Packard Fellowship

16/10/2019: Thrilled to announce that Prof. Kirstin Petersen has been named a 2019 #PackardFellow. This support will enable studies of honey bee swarms and the insights they hold to enable long term autonomous robot swarms. See the official announcement from the @PackardFdn here.

NSF EAGER grant award

19/08/05: We are very excited to announce the initiation of a new project with Prof. Daniel Goldman and the CRABlab at Georgia Tech, concerning Emergent Properties in Active Granular Materials, sponsored by the NSF Division of Materials Research.


Robotics and Autonomous Systems Journal Paper

18/07/19: Big congratulations to alumni Yawen Deng and Owen Hua for getting their extended journal article  on scalable compiler frameworks for the TERMES system accepted to Robotics and Autonomous Systems! Check out their paper here.

Digital Viticulture Symposium

19/07/17: Come check out Jonathan Jaramillo’s presentation on a Low-Cost Vision-Based System for Early Yield Prediction in Vineyards at the Digital Viticulture Symposium 2019 arranged by the Cornell Extension School.


CIDA Award

19/06/19: Very excited to announce that we were selected for a Cornell Institute of Digital Agriculture award to support our newest project on “Improving strawberry yield through native and robotic pollinators“, in collaboration with Prof. Scott McArt (Cornell) and Prof. Nils Napp (joining Cornell in Spring 2020).


17/06/19: Big congrats to all the graduate and undergraduate students that got THREE papers accepted to the International Symposium for Multi-Robot and Multi-Agent Systems 2019. Their papers concern hardware, coordination, and sensing opportunities in flexible modular robots! (More info to come…)

  • Steven Ceron, Nialah Wilson, Logan Horowitz, and Kirstin Petersen. “Comparative Analysis of Sensors in Rigid and Deformable Modular Robots for Shape Estimation”, full paper, Intl. Symp. for Multi-Robot and Multi-Agent Systems (MRS), 2019.
  • Steven Ceron*, Logan Horowitz*, Nialah Wilson, Claire Chen, Daniel Kim, and Kirstin Petersen. “DONUts: A Scalable, Self-Reconfigurable Robot with Compliant Modules”, extended abstract, Intl. Symp. for Multi-Robot and Multi-Agent Systems (MRS), 2019. *Co-first authors.
  • Nialah Wilson, Steven Ceron, Logan Horowitz, and Kirstin Petersen. “Simulation and Control of the DONUts Modular Robot for Gradient Tracking in Cluttered Environments”, extended abstract, Intl. Symp. for Multi-Robot and Multi-Agent Systems (MRS), 2019.