Intelligent Physical Systems

Welcome to ECE 3400; a class where students learn to tie the fundamental principles of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) across virtual and physical boundaries to create autonomous robots able to perceive, reason about, and act upon their environment. Specifically, in teams of 4, students will design and fabricate a robot able to navigate and map out a maze with treasures in the shortest possible time. Please find the main course webpage here.


Our teams do an amazing job, and all of their hard work is documented online. Here is a collection of some of my favorites:

Awesome Designs:

  • Team Shrimp Cracker (2017), “A robotics team dedicated to jamming the most flavor in a little robot”, has a very nicely integrated shrimp robot.
  • Team Prime (2018) participated with a wooden box!
  • Check out this slick design by The Black Hat Cats (2018).

Great compilation videos:

  • Great full-semester compilation video from Team YAAAS (2018).
  • Team “Baby, we’re a Firework” (2017) has implemented great overview videos of all the lab/milestone hand-ins.

Funny Themes:

  • My all-time favorite website design: Star Wars theme by “The Resistance” (2017) .
  • If you’re looking for comedy, this is by far the funniest website, by The One-ders! (get it??) (2017).


All teams have to submit an Ethics homework, but they choose the presentation style.

  • Team TBD (2017) wrote a fantastic short story about an engineer who is in charge of programming ethics into autonomous cars (the blue text is a link to the full story).
  • Team “Rage Against the Machines” (2018) wrote a short story on the autonomous weapons ban. (not for weak soles)