Agricultural Robotics Around the World

Oct 2021: Agricultural robotics is rapidly developing and sparking strong interest from roboticists in research and industry alike. Compared to factory automation, agricultural operations are significantly more complex and present a diverse set of challenges for robots: from the autonomous field operation, to compatibility with end users that vary widely in operational scales, technological background, and risk adversity. To effectively contribute in this area, academic research needs to be highly interdisciplinary, it does not lend itself well to isolated lab tests, and it requires more than the usual attention to the final ecosystem and end consumer for which it is intended. We have invited three leading experts on agricultural robotics from Europe, Australia, and the U.S. to address questions pertaining to the future of agricultural robotics.


Collective Embodied Intelligence Workshop

July 2018: Half-day workshop in collaboration with Prof. Napp from University at Buffalo, at the Graduate course for Social Evolution and Behavior, held at the Rockefeller University Field Center. The workshop introduces simple, bio-inspired, reactive control and physics to produce complex emergent behaviors in robot collectives. Students will get to mechanically program a collective of robots to comply with a user-specified goal.

Swarms: From Biology to Robotics and Back at ICRA

May 2018: Workshop bringing together roboticists and biologists interested in swarm behavior. Topics include swarm robotics and multi-robot systems, animal collectives, self-organization, self-assembly, self-repair, modular reconfigurable systems, programmable matter, smart materials, amorphous computing, social systems and mixed animal-robot societies, human-swarm interaction, and distributed evolutionary and collaborative systems.

Distributed, Collective Computation in Biological and Artificial Systems

March 2018: Janelia workshop focused on how distributed computation occurs in neural networks, between cells and social insects, robot collectives, and neural nets. Co-organized with Prof. Iain Couzin, MPI, and Prof. Shaul Druckmann, Janelia. (Conference Book)

Multi-Robot Mini Symposium

March 2018: This Multi-Robot Mini Symposium is organized by Kirstin Petersen in conjunction with the Cornell Robotics Seminar and will feature a series of brief talks by students and professors related to recent work on Multi-Robot/Swarm Robotics research. The goal is to identify and inspire new ideas among the multi-robot community at Cornell. Please find Speaker list here.


Assembly and Coordination across the Scales

June 2016: Max Planck ETH Center for Learning Systems funded workshop, covering multi-unit systems and their control spanning bacteria and cell biology, chemistry, social insects, and robotics. Co-organized with MPI Group Leaders Alex Sprowitz and Hakan Ceylan.

Swarmbot Assemblages at Smart Geometry

April 2016: Workshop held at the Smart Geometry Conference in Sweden, concerning construction of emergent structures in 2D by physically intelligent robots. This workshop was primarily for architects. Co-organized with Petra Jenning, FOJAB arkitekter, Sweden. Expert: Prof. Nils Napp, University at Buffalo.


North East Robotics Colloquium (NERC) 2013

October 2013: 2nd annual Northeast Robotics Colloquium at Harvard University with more than 200 participants. Co-organizers: Karthik Danthu, University at Buffalo, and Richard Moore, SINTEF ICT, Yigit Menguc, Oculus, and Daniel Vogt, Harvard.