ECE 6970 DA

Robots, Wine and Food, a seminar on Precision Agriculture at Cornell and beyond

We have a super exciting line up of prominent speakers spanning researchers, industry, farmers, and more – the class also includes field trips to the Dyce lab for pollinator research, the Cornell Vineyards, and the Cornell Dairy Plant.

The first lecture will be in Stocking Hall 201. Afterwards, lectures will alternate between Stocking Hall 201 and Rhodes Hall 310.


This class is funded through the following grants:

  • (NSF #1837367) CPS: TTP Option: Medium: Touch Sensitive Technologies for Improved Vineyard Management. PIs: Prof. Kirstin Petersen. Co-PIs: Profs. Amit Lal, Justine Vanden Heuvel, Kerik D. Cox, and Robert Shepherd. 2019-2022.
  • (NIFA #1014705) Improving Vineyard Management Using Touch Sensitive Soft Robots. PI: Prof. Kirstin Petersen. Co-PI: Prof. Justine Van den Heuvel. Experts: Prof. Rob Shepherd, Prof. Amit Lal, Prof. Wayne Wilcox. 2017-2020.
  • (NSF #1739671) CPS: Medium: Leveraging Honey Bees as Bio-Cyber Physical Systems. PI: Prof. Kirstin Petersen. Co-PI: Prof. Alyosha Molnar. 2017-2020.