GEM fellowship

13/12/2023: Huge congratulations to PhD student Lydia Calderón Aceituno for being awarded the GEM fellowship for her work with stigmergic coordination in honey bees and robots!

MEng Poster Award

4/12/23: Big congratulations to Ryan Chan for winning the Cornell ECE MEng Poster Award in the AI / Pattern Recognition category for his work on the “Autonomous Wave Robot for Digging and Building”!


23/11/1: Kirstin Petersen is promoted to Associate Professor with indefinite tenure at Cornell University!

File:Cornell University Logo.png - Wikipedia


23/10/27: Big congratulations to graduate student Lydia Calderon for being chosen to represent Cornell at the annual convention for the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers and the 13th annual Out in STEM Conference!

IROS 2023

23/10/1-5: Find us at the International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS) in Detroit, where CEI-lab alumni Steven Ceron is co-organizing a workshop on Swarms Across the Scales, and graduate student Heather Jin Hee Kim is presenting on Robotic Barrier Construction through Weaved, Inflatable Tubes as part of a collaboration between the CEI-lab and the Hybrid Body Lab!

Example of how inflated tubes can be weaved around existing environmental features


PLOS Biology

27/07/23: Very excited that our latest work in collaboration with the Napp lab and the Smith Bee lab and many others, on construction of distributed construction of hexagonal comb across honey bees and social wasps came out in PLOS Biology today, and got media coverage in Science!



R:SS 2023 Workshop talk

14/7/23: If you’re at the Conference of Robotics: Science and Systems, we hope you will join us for an invited talk by Kirstin Petersen at the Workshop for Translational Soft Robots in successful Real-World Applications, on “Harnessing Nonuniform Pressure Distributions to Achieve Complex Motions with Soft Robots”.

SFI Symposium

20-23/6/23: Dr. Alexandra Nilles and alumni Dr. Steven Ceron presents at the “Collective Intelligence: Foundations and Radical Ideas” Symposium at the Santa Fe Institute – and won the Best Poster Award!


06/06/23: Huge congratulations to Dr. Steven Ceron for getting our joint work with Max Planck on “Programmable self-organization of heterogeneous microrobot collectives” published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences today! Check the original article here, a Cornell Chronicle feature here, and a highlight in Nature here!


MPI Seminar

23/05/23: If you find yourself near Stuttgart, please join me at my invited research seminar at the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems May 23rd 11am.