Robotics Today

20/10/16: Join us Friday 3pm EDT for a seminar on research in the CEI-lab during Robotics Today, a public access seminar series, with the goal of bringing together the robotics community during these challenging times. Missed it? Check… Read More

Acadia 2020

19/8/20: Big congrats to Andrea Ling, Mahshid Moghadasi, Kowin Shi, and Jungshien Wei for having their paper “Formica Forma: Explorations in Insect-Robot Collaboration for Emergent Design & Manufacturing” accepted to ACADIA 2020: Distributed Proximities.

Rachel and Jack receives ELI Awards

14/05/20: Big congratulations to undergraduates Sijia Zhou and Jack Defay for receiving Engineering Learning Initiatives awards to continue their research over Summer 2020. Both Sijia and Jack will be working with graduate student Jonathan Jaramillo and postdoc Jake… Read More

Steven passes A-exam

28/04/20: Big congratulations to graduate student Steven Ceron for passing his A-exam. Steven will spend the next couple of years designing emergent behaviors in soft robot swarms with potential applications in micro-robots for medical applications.

Steven receives Fulbright Fellowship

23/4/20: Big congratulations to Steven Ceron for receiving the honorable Fulbright Fellowship. This comes as an extension to his SLOAN fellowship and his NSF Graduate Fellowship. The Fulbright will help support Steven in an internship with Dir. Metin… Read More

Nialah passes A-Exam

21/4/20: Big congratulations to graduate student Nialah Wilson for passing her A-exam. In collaboration with Prof. Shiri Azenkot, Nialah will now be embarking on a new and exiting research project related to accessible excergames using drone-feedback!

Scientific Frontiers Paper

13/3/2020: Big congratulations to Nialah Wilson, Steven Ceron, and Logan Horowitz for their paper published today in a special issue of the journal on Scientific Frontiers in Robotics and AI. The paper summarizes years of work on “Scalable… Read More

Scientific Reports Paper

28/02/2020: Big congratulations to Phoebe Koenig, Michael Smith, Logan Horowitz, and Daniel Palmer for their paper on “Artificial shaking signals in honey bee colonies elicit natural responses“, which was published today in¬†Scientific Reports.  

CIDA Seminar

27/01/20: Please join us for the CIDA Seminar series today 12-1pm in Gates 121 Kirstin will present: “The Lower Hanging Fruit: A new approach to field robotics in precision agriculture”

RA-Letters / RoboSoft2020

22/01/20: Big congratulations to Danna Ma, Steven Ceron, and Gregory Kaiser for getting their article on “Simple Low-Cost Fabrication of Soft Sensors for Feature Reconstruction” accepted to Robotics Automation Letters (RA-Letters) with a presentation at the Intl. Conference… Read More