RoboSoft workshops

11/04/21: Kirstin Petersen is giving invited talks at two exciting RoboSoft workshops happening on 4/12 on Material Intelligence and Soft Robotics in Agriculture. Registration is free!

Automation and AI in Agriculture

08/04/21: Big congratulations to Jonathan Jaramillo for getting his work on “Low-Cost, Computer Vision-Based, Prebloom Cluster Count Prediction in Vineyards” published in the special issue on Automation and AI in Agriculture in the Journal Frontiers in Agronomy. This… Read More

SWARM papers

01/04/2021: Congratulations to Jack Defay, Jacob Peters, Zoe Du, Zach Brothers, and Leah Valdes on having their papers on “A Customizable, Low-Cost Alternative for Distributed 2D Flow Sensing in Swarms” and “Automated Entrance Monitoring of Managed Bumble Bees”… Read More

Endowed chair title

23/03/21: Kirstin Petersen receives an endowed chair title as the Aref and Manon Lahham Faculty Fellow in the College of Engineering at Cornell. This esteemed honor is in recognition of her early contributions to our understanding of collective… Read More


10/03/21: Kirstin Petersen receives the National Science Foundation CAREER award for her work towards embodied collective intelligence in robot swarms acting in static and dynamic environments!

DARS-SWARM2021 Special Session

23/02/21: Please consider joining us for a special session on Multi-scale Instrumentation of Biological Swarms organized as part of DARS-SWARM 2021 (June 1-4th). We are still accepting 4-page abstracts to be published in Springer! Engineers draw inspiration from… Read More

Scientific Reports paper

19/02/21: Huge congratulations to students Haron Abdel-Raziq, Daniel Palmer, Phoebe Koenig for having their work on a system design for inferring colony-level pollination activity through miniature bee-mounted sensors published in Scientific Reports. The paper is the culmination of… Read More

ELI Award

24/12/2020: Congratulations to Robby Huang for receiving an Engineering Learning Initiatives Award to continue his work with team mates Alex Zhu and Jasmin Ann to explore undulating robot collectives!

Haron passes A-exam

21/12/17: Big congratulations to Haron Abdel-Raziq for passing his A-exam on “Monitoring Pollination From Honey Bees and Dynamic Task Allocation for Robot Assisted Agriculture”!

Robotics Today

20/10/16: Join us Friday 3pm EDT for a seminar on research in the CEI-lab during Robotics Today, a public access seminar series, with the goal of bringing together the robotics community during these challenging times. Missed it? Check… Read More