Find us @ICRA2022

23/5/22: The CEI-lab is present all during ICRA, please find us near the coffee, by the pool, or join us for any of the following events: Monday May 23rd: Kirstin Petersen is co-organizing a workshop on Workshop on… Read More

Ma passes A-exam

20/05/2022:  Big congratulations to Danna Ma for passing her A-exam today!

Jaramillo passes A-exam

06/05/22: Big congratulations to Jonathan Jaramillo for passing his A-exam today!

Nature Comms

26/04/22: Huge congratulations to Steven Ceron for getting his paper on “Microrobot collectives with reconfigurable morphologies, behaviors, and functions” published in Nature Communications today! This is the result of a 6 month long collaboration with the Physical Intelligence… Read More


21/2/2022: Big congratulations to Zoe Du, Zach Brothers, and Leah Valdes, as well as Jack Defay and Jake Peters for having their Symposium presentations at SWARM 2021 accepted to the special issue of Artificial Life and Robotics (AROB).

RoboSoft 2022

10/02/2022: Big congratulations to Postdoc Alli Nilles for getting her work on “Strain-Based Consensus in Soft, Inflatable Robots” accepted to the Intl. Conference for Soft Robotics!  

ICRA 2022 Papers and Workshops

31/01/2022: Big congratulations to graduate students Haron Abdel-Raziq and Daniel Palmer for getting their work on “Mapping Unknown Environments With Instrumented Honey Bees” and to undergraduates Robby Huang, Alex Zhu, and Kathleen Wang for getting their work on… Read More

ELI Award

10/01/2022: Congratulations to undergraduate Elizabeth Garner for receiving an Engineering Learning Initiative Award to support her work on collective behaviors in shape morphing particles!


5/1/2022: Big congratulations to undergraduates Robby Huang, Alex Zhu, and Kathleen Wang for getting their work on “Construction and Excavation by Collaborative Double-Tailed SAW Robots” accepted to RA-Letters with an ICRA 2022 presentation!

Physical Review E

07/12/2021: Big congratulations to collaborator Kevin O’Keeffe and graduate student Steven Ceron for getting their paper on “Collective behavior of swarmalators on a one-dimensional ring” accepted to Physical Review E!