Pollinators Festival

09/06/18: Haron Abdel-Raziq, Daniel Palmer, and Pheobe Koenig did a fantastic job manning a bio-inspired and bio-hybrid robotics booth at the First Annual Pollinators Festival in Lansing, NY.  

R:SS 2018 Workshop

03/06/18: Big congrats to Nialah for getting her Poster on a simulation framework for the FORMbots accepted at the R:SS 2018 Women in Robotics III workshop!


22/05/18: Catch up with the CEI-lab at ICRA 2018 in Brisbane! Steven Ceron is presenting his work on Popcorn-Driven Robotic Actuators Wednesday and we’re co-organizing a full-day workshop on Swarms: From Biology to Robots and Back Friday.

Steven passes his Qualls

18/05/18: Big congratulations to Steven Ceron who passed his Design Qualifying Exam with flying colors today!

Claire wins TA award

11/05/18: Huge congratulations to Claire Chen for receiving the Chen Outstanding undergraduate TA award from the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering. She received this for her fantastic work to help revamp and TA ECE 3400, Intelligent Physical… Read More

Yiwen and Yawen Defends

03/05/18: Huge congratulations to Yawen Deng and Yiwen Hua for completing their Masters thesis in Mechanical Engineering!

ECE Day 2018

02/05/18: Minze Mo, Mingyang Yang, Junyi Huang, and Bryan Zhao presents at the MEng Poster session during ECE day!

Faculty Champion Award

30/04/18: Kirstin Petersen receives the Early Career Faculty Champion Award from the Cornell Office of Inclusion and Student Engagement for her work to improve undergraduate and graduate experience at Cornell.

ELI Summer Award

28/04/18: Big congrats to Logan Horowitz for getting the Engineering Learning Initiatives Award by the LSAMP and Semiconductor Research Corporation with Support from Intel Foundation. Logan will be working on new tech for studying collective behavior in honey… Read More

New Visions Outreach

20/04/18: Steven and Nialah runs an embodied-intelligence soft robotics outreach workshop for TST BOCES New Visions Engineering program!