25 Women in Robotics

10/10/18: Prof. Kirstin Petersen made the 25 Women in Robotics List on Robohub.


09/10/18: The Cornell Initiative for Digital Agriculture (CIDA) has its opening event today, which includes a presentation of our project on Robots and Enology.

ELI Award

27/09/18: Congratulations to Aleena Kurumunda for receiving the Engineering Learning Initiatives Award funded by “Robert A. Cowie ’55 ME”, to work towards an intelligent soft robot capable of substrate classification!  

Best Student Paper Nomination

18/09/17: Yawen and Owen’s paper on a Scalable Compiler for the TERMES Distributed Assembly System, got nominated for Best Student Paper Award at DARS 2018!

SOCO workshop talk

07/09/2018: Please join us as we present our work on collective construction of overhangs (Robots Building Bridges, Not Walls) at the workshop for Self-Organizing Construction, part of the IEEE intl conference of Self-Adaptive and Self-Organizing systems, in Trento… Read More

NSF – NRI Award

20/08/18: In collaboration with the Verifiable Robotics Lab and the Human-Robot Collaboration and Companionship Lab, we just received funding to explore Ad-Hoc Collaborative Human-Robot Swarms. This grant will cover three graduate students and “half” a postdoc for three… Read More

DARS 2018 paper

07/08/18: Big congrats to Yiwen Hua and Yawen Deng for getting their paper on a “Scalable Compiler for the TERMES Distributed Assembly System” accepted to the International Symposium for Distributed Autonomous Robotic Systems, DARS 2018.

IEEE Spectrum

05/07/18: Big congrats to Steven Ceron, Aleena Kurumunda, Eeshan Garg, Mira Kim, and Tosin Yeku, for IEEE Spectrum coverage of their ICRA article on Popcorn-Driven Robotic Actuators!

Pollinators Festival

09/06/18: Haron Abdel-Raziq, Daniel Palmer, and Pheobe Koenig did a fantastic job manning a bio-inspired and bio-hybrid robotics booth at the First Annual Pollinators Festival in Lansing, NY.  

R:SS 2018 Workshop

03/06/18: Big congrats to Nialah for getting her Poster on a simulation framework for the FORMbots accepted at the R:SS 2018 Women in Robotics III workshop!