Robots and Viticulture

30/08/17: Great article about Cornell’s continued investment in Digital Agriculture. Part of this funding went to the CEI-lab to develop new touch sensitive robots for vineyards!


Inauguration Event

27/08/17: Steven, Vaidehi, and Asena shows off a 3D printer for the Inauguration event of Prof. Martha Pollack, the new President of Cornell!

CPS – NSF Award

16/08/2017: The CEI-lab, in collaboration with the Molnar group, received funding towards Leveraging Honey Bees as Bio-Cyber Physical Systems. This grant will cover two graduate students and a postdoc for three years!

New chimney installed!

03/08/2017: The fan-unit for the new CEI-lab space in Rhodes Hall was lifted into place today! Here’s a link to the video.

Architectural Design Paper

05/07/2017: Review of robot collectives for construction published in Architectural Design!

Review paper among the most read!

13/07/2017 : The review paper published in Advanced materials on Soft Robots, is among the most downloaded over the last month. It has been made freely available for a limited time period!

Engineering Digest – Featuring Nature’s Design Strategies, Soft Robotics and More

ICRA2017 Papers

02/06/2017: Two papers presented at ICRA 2017 in Singapore. One on inflated DEA actuators, and another on a spider-inspired pneumatic and tendon-driven robot joint.

Advanced Materials Paper

31/05/2017: Review on Fluidic Elastomer Actuators published in Advanced Materials.

Best MEng Project in Category!

10/05/2017: Congratulations to Alberto Guttierrez and Boling Hu for winning first prize in their category at the ECE MEng Poster exhibit, Cornell 2017! Their project concerned updated electronics for the autonomous construction robots.

ECE Early Career Research Scholars Awards

07/05/2017: Congratulations to Mira Kim and Eashan Garg for receiving the ECE Early Research Scholars Award to complete their summer work on new granular materials for soft robots!