NERCCS Invited Talk

13/04/17-18: NERCCS – the first Northeast Regional Conference on Complex Systems – is just around the corner. We’ll present updates on research projects in our lab Friday 10.15-10.40am!

Prospective ECE student?

18/04/18: We’re excited to welcome a new generation of ECE undergraduates. Related to this, we’ll do open office hours 1pm-3pm Wednesday April 18th in our lab Rhodes Hall 455. Feel free to stop by to hear more about life as an undergraduate in ECE or just check out the fun projects in the lab!

RSS AC Symposium

05/04/18: Please join us for the Robotics: Science and Systems Area Chair Symposium, held at Cornell!

Multi-Robot Mini Symposium

14/03/18: Join us for the Multi-Robot Mini Symposium today 2.55-4.10pm Upson Hall 116, arranged by Kirstin Petersen in conjunction with the Cornell Robotics Seminar. The MRMS will feature a series of brief talks by students and professors related to recent work on Multi-Robot/Swarm Robotics research. The goal is to identify and inspire new ideas among the multi-robot community at Cornell.

Speaker List

RoboSoft 2018 Paper

01/03/18: Congratulations to Chaim Futran, Steven Ceron, and Benjamin Mac Murray on the acceptance of their RoboSoft paper on how to leverage fluid resistance to create complex motions in soft robots!

Check out the paper here!


ELI Spring 2018

29/01/18: Congratulations to Daniel Kim and Claire Chen for receiving an Engineering Learning Initiative Award for their continued work on flexible modular robots!

ICRA 2018 Paper

13/01/18: Congrats to Steven, Aleena, Mira, Rosin, and Eashan on getting their paper on Popcorn-Driven Robotics accepted to ICRA 2018!

Check out the paper here.

Submit to RSS2018!

11/12/17:  Prof. Petersen is Area Chair of Robotics, Science, and Systems 2018, to be held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA June 26-30th. Prof. Kress-Gazit is Chair. Please consider submitting to this top-venue!

ECE3400 IPS Competition 2017

04/12/17: The Intelligent Physical Systems (ECE3400) competition was held in Duffield Hall. Read more about the course, and check out the Cornell Facebook Album.

Extra credit to Ryan O’Hern, Claire Chen, Daniel Kim, Christopher Fedors, Vaidehi Garg, Vidya Ramesh, Leah Forrest, Justin Selig, Adarsh Jayakumar, Curran Sinha, and Yangyi Hao who helped TA this course!

Mechatronics Competition 2017

08/12/17: Aleena made the Cornell Chronicle for her great work in the Mechatronics competition 2017!