RoboSoft 2019

23/01/2019: Big congrats to Timothy Duggan, Logan Horowitz, Asena Ulug, and Emilie Baker for getting their paper on “Inchworm-Inspired Locomotion in Soft Robots” accepted to RoboSoft 2019!

Ithaca Science Center Outreach

19/1/19: Join us at the Ithaca Center for a day of fun – Emilie Baker will help you power light from wind! Ages 5 and up 🙂

Nialah passes her Quals

17/1/19: Big congratulations to Nialah for passing her MAE Qualifying exam!

Robotic Systems and Autonomous Platforms

22/12/2018: Check out our chapter in the new Robotic Systems and Autonomous Platforms Book from Woodhead Publishing on Fluid-Driven Intrinsically Soft Robots!

Aerospace Field Member

19/12/2018: Prof. Petersen becomes a field member of Cornell Aerospace –  a nice addition to field memberships in Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science, and Electrical and Computer Science.

Cornell Robotics Day

03/12/18: Come join us tomorrow for the first annual Robotics Day at Cornell. Events will run 9am-4pm in Duffield Hall – these include the final competition in ECE3400 and Mechatronics, with more than 80 teams competing. All are welcome!

Here’s a composition from ECE3400 in 2017:

Update: Here’s a local newscast on Robotics Day.

Symposium on Computational Fabrication

29/11/18: Kirstin joins as Robotics Area Chair for the 3rd annual Symposium on Computational Fabrication, held next Summer at CMU, Pittsburgh.

Cluster of Excellence

14/11/18: Huge congratulations to our collaborators at the University of Stuttgart, who was just awarded 50 million Euros to start up a Cluster on Integrative Computational Design and Construction in Architecture by the German Research Foundation DFG. This grant will greatly benefit the future of automated construction, and it will enable us to support interdisciplinary exchange programs for many years to come!

Best Student Paper Award

18/10/18: Yawen and Owen’s paper on a Scalable Compiler for the TERMES Distributed Assembly System won the Best Student Paper Award at DARS 2018!

25 Women in Robotics

10/10/18: Prof. Kirstin Petersen made the 25 Women in Robotics List on Robohub.